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Our Garlic is sustainably grown, meaning, we use only natural soil amended with wood chips, pig, cow and chicken maure.

Our garlic is watered with only natural high mountain Montana run off. Sitting 1/2 way up the large Ksanka mountain range, our farm has no houses or farms above our field, only vast amounts of forest so no water contamination. This is something most people forget to think about when buying garlic. All the big companies that grow garlic are all watered with city or drainage water, which contains, who know what. Rest assured our garlic is completely chemical free. We use Bat Guano, and manure tea to fertilize. WE dont use ANY STORE BOUGHT "organic or Natural" fertilizers, because we don't believe in anything synthetic even if they do call it organic.

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Sold out 2018

German White Garlic is one of the most widely grown garlic. The flavor is a full body taste with a little zing when eaten raw, but produces a very flavorful gentle taste when cooked. Our German White is unique in that most bulbs have only 4 or VERY arge cloves vs. grocery store Garlic that hast over 15 small, difficult to peel and use. Our garlic cloves are so equisite you'll want to slice them and show them off in your meals.



Spanish Roja garlic is defined almost entirely by its flavor. Its tan to violet-blushed sheath of wrappers encapsulates large ivory cloves with a flavor so strong, hot and robust that it sticks around for a long time.It has been described as one of the most spicey garlics with a rich flavor both cooked and raw.

BLOSSOM Sold out 2018

Medium dark purple striped bulbs with 4 to 5 large cloves. Blossom is smooth and mellow when baked and hot when raw.

GERMAN RED Sold out 2018

German Red is a flavorful, aromatic garlic that is hot and spicy at first but quickly mellows and leaves no garlic after taste.


Russian Inferno has huge flavor and and keeps it through out cooking. It is quite bold raw and once cooked, retains its strong flavor with a bit of a sweet aftertaste.

CHESNOK RED Sold out 2018

Chesnok is a versatile hardneck that produces large bulbs with purple striped wrappers. It has a medium-hot flavor that becomes sweet and lingering when cooked


Siberian’s flavor is rich, full and excellent cooked. Mild at firt, then hot zing at the end eaten raw. Siberian is a VERY LARGE bulb in good soil.

PURPLE GLAZER Sold out 2018

Purple Glazer is a vivid, royal purple tinged garlic that makes it one of the most attractive garlics. It is known for being one of the best baked garlics with a sweet roasted flavor.

MUSIC GARLIC Sold out 2018

One of our most popular varieties due to taste, vigorous growth, and 4 to 6 large easy to peel cloves. Flavor is rich, strong, robust and pungent. Growers will get extra large bulbs consistently! Easy to grow with beautiful white bulbs and very large very flavorful cloves. This variety holds its strong spice even when cooked.





Great Garlic, Great Pigs, and Great Poultry!


We started with the Garlic, and have added the Heritage hogs, Berries, Poulty, Eggs and Veggies. We sell our pork and food locally as well as cross country. Please visit each of our pages to check out what whe do and what we are all about.


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